Dancing Creek offers portable programs for students and adults of all ages! We specialize in therapeutic programming through adventure and earth education.

Initiative Tasks, Cooperative Games, Portable Challenge Course

Using a variety of high impact activities, group members develop communication, cohesion and trust, all in the spirit of fun!

An experience with Dancing Creek can focus on team-building, or we can combine elements of yoga and/or therapeutic drumming, depending on the nature of your day . . . consider the possibilities!

dancing creek paul donelan

Paul Donelan
B.Ed., CYT500, CCM (Challenge Course Manager)

Paul is an educator, yogi, group facilitator and believer in change. With years of experience working with all manner of groups, Paul’s programs offer meaningful, collaborative opportunities for people to explore and grow. One group at a time, change is happening.


“Dancing Creek helped me get along and work together with the grade 8’s that I usually don’t get along with.”

Maranda M. Gr. 8 St. Bernadette
Catholic School

“The activities Dancing Creek set up for our team were very dynamic and physical. You learn about people on a much different level when you are outside your normal environment. You relate on a much more personal level.”

Diane Storey
Abbeydale Animal Hospital