Programs designed to suit your specifc needs.

Dancing Creek is dedicated to process and encourages introspection in order to foster growth. Through direct experience and peer reflection, groups explore trust, communication and problem-solving. This increases both individual and group capacity. Therapeutic Adventure is a genuine process that is both fun and empowering. Through the power of group, individuals are able to step forward taking more responsibility for themselves and eventually their community.


Experience a dynamic body/mind adventure, classes may vary in time and structure.

Mystic Rogue Yoga classes blend movement, breath and internal focus. From that base music weaves together with intention, creating a deep practice, bringing forth individual strength and grace. Depending on the nature of the group, classes are adjusted to create a positive experience for all participants.


Easy, interactive and empowering.

Hand drumming in a group is a unique, transformative experience! Using basic techniques and various co-operative activities, the group produces sound, rhythm and has freedom to express themselves. Participants need absolutely no experience and the drums are provided.


“We (at Regina Mundi S.S.) are consistently brought to the awareness that you have a special afinity for young people and that you have the ability to make lasting connections with at risk students in particular. Your preparations have consistently led students to see value in themselves and in one another; to appreciate the importance of cooperation when overcoming challenges; to uncover their true creative spirit in movement and in music and to fully appreciate the importance of community. Your ability to connect in meaningful ways has led others to build empowering relationships with one another.”

Rodd Lucier
Regina Mundi S.S.