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"Dancing Creek helped me get along and work together with the grade 8's that I usually don't get along with." Maranda M. Gr. 8 St. Bernadette Catholic School

"Dancing Creek was amazing! There was so many amazing things we did, it was unbelievable."
Noah D. Gr. 8 St. Bernadette Catholic School

“The Dancing Creek approach and philosophy is patient, process driven, authentic and truly invested in group success. It is obvious that this is Paul and Laura's passion.”
Marc Roberts, Executive Director, Oxford Elgin Child & Youth Centre

“(My daughter Shelby’s) confidence level has continued to improve since attending Dancing Creek and she is showing leadership skills which will help her immensely in years to come. Shelby has learned so much about team work from working the ropes to climbing the wall to playing games. Both Paul and Laura are the best in bringing out the strengths in each child with their words of encouragement and the care they show to all the children attending Dancing Creek.”
Marg Kampers (parent)

“I just love my kids participating at Dancing Creek. Not only did my kids have fun with all the unique adventures, but the self-awareness and self-empowerment exercises are incredible. I love the concept of the camps that Laura and Paul operate.”
Kelly Spencer (parent)

“The amount of growth with our students in just one day is incredible. Dancing Creek is a great venue to reach kids that are difficult to engage in the traditional school setting. Laura and Paul are constantly evolving this program to give students the ability recognize their own strengths and abilities. They leave Dancing Creek with more confidence and a healthier perspective. The students come to appreciate their own talents and the talents of others.”
Maurice Brennan, R.S.W. - Counselor at St. Josephs Catholic Secondary School.

“Paul and Laura Donelan lovingly nursed visions and dreams of Dancing Creek years before the doors opened. Their backgrounds in earth education, counselling and facilitating have helped them create something unique and powerful here. There is a depth, passion and heart-intelligence about everything that happens at Dancing Creek. This place has inspired and transformed so many lives, mine included and I wish every child I know could experience Dancing Creek.”
Tamika Schilbe, MSW, E-RYT. (Counsellor and Yoga Educator)

"We (at Regina Mundi S.S.) are consistently brought to the awareness that you have a special affinity for young people and that you have the ability to make lasting connections with at risk students in particular. Your preparations have consistently led students to see value in themselves and in one another; to appreciate the importance of cooperation when overcoming challenges; to uncover their true creative spirit in movement and in music and to fully appreciate the importance of community. Your ability to connect in meaningful ways has led others to build empowering relationships with one another."
Rodd Lucier
Regina Mundi S.S.

"The activities Dancing Creek set up for our team were very dynamic and physical. You learn about people on a much different level when you are outside your normal environment. You relate on a much more personal level."
Diane Storey
Abbeydale Animal Hospital

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